Complete Package

Complete Package

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Granular Topdressing With Seed


  • Core aeration 
  • Power raking 
  • Fertilizer
  • Granular top-dressing with seed (optional)

Core aeration is a process that uses rotating mechanical tines to remove cores of soil from your lawn. The resulting small holes alleviate soil compaction and reduce thatch buildup, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots easier.

Power raking uses motorized tines to penetrate the soil and remove the accumulated layer of dead grass, roots, and moss on the surface of a lawn to reduce disease and pests and increase nutrient absorption.

We offer an organic fertilizer made from poultry compost, or our Coastal Blend which is composed of organic fertilizer, granulated gypsum, and calcitic lime.

Granular top-dressing creates a "home" for grass seed to germinate as it increases water retention, leading to thicker, healthier grass. This top-dressing is advantageous over traditional top-dressing as its composition allows it to easily be applied to your lawn through a fertilizer spreader, reducing labour costs.

Once you have completed the purchase, we will email you a short form to fill out that outlines steps to take to prepare your lawn before our arrival.